Antonio takes care of cultivating the grapes and running the daily operations in the winery, bringing to the team 50 years of day-to-day experience in viticulture.

Antonio grew up with the vines, working in the family vineyards and making wine with his father Rocco since the age of 12. He has always been keen to implement new viticulture techniques, especially in the traditionally labour-heavy areas such as treatments of vines and irrigation.

He made his very first Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine in 1973. Antonio has been among the first and the curious ones to introduce new grape varieties in Abruzzo – Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay in mid-Nineties and in the beginning of this century the long-forgotten Pecorino.



Giacomo takes care of the winemaking.

Giacomo has always had a nose for good wines but real passion for winemaking started in the hot summer of 2007 when he decided to help out in the vineyards. After having got the experience in pruning vines he participated in harvesting under the guidance of his father Antonio and also worked in a local wine production cooperative during the harvest period. The opportunity to see closely how wine is created made him decide to start studies in Teramo University to become enologist. Now he his the winemaker.




Rocco is the oldest son of Antonio. He takes care of the finance and marketing side of business.

Rocco’s professional background is in the consulting world where he has worked as a financial and strategy consultant. Other than being good with numbers, since early years he has showed talent in painting, football and is famous for precise imitations of various Italian dialects.

He enjoys fine wines accompanied by great food and has acquired the certification of wine taster.